When life’s difficulties become overwhelming, seeking therapy is a powerful step in taking care of your mental health and starting to feel better. For All Seasons therapy team is here for you.

One in five Americans experience a mental illness in a given year and even more experience mental health symptoms. Therapy is a proven and effective way to help individuals, families, and couples learn to manage the challenges associated with mental illness, trauma, or stressful life situations. Therapy empowers us to become self-aware and to better understand our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as the outside circumstances impacting us every day.  Therapy can contribute to better physical health, and improved relationships, problem-solving, confidence, emotional regulation, coping skills, and interpersonal and communication skills.

For All Seasons’ team of therapists are 100% trauma-certified and offer a variety of therapy services including:

Individual therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a collaborative process where a person works with a therapist/clinician to improve their life. People often seek therapy when they're facing challenging issues and need support, are experiencing mental health symptoms, or have mental illness. Therapy aims to inspire positive changes, boost self-esteem, and teach valuable skills to handle tough situations and achieve goals. Many people find the growth and self-awareness that come from their therapy journey to be a positive and enjoyable experience. The therapist and client will discuss the modalities to be used in individual therapy sessions. Modalities are approaches or methods a therapist uses to help a client reach their goals. Modalities fall into broad categories, such as cognitive and behavioral, somatic (body awareness), experiential (play or art therapy), and more.

Family therapy is a form of group psychotherapy where the "family" is broadly defined as people who care about each other and consider themselves a family, including parents/guardians, children, partners, grandparents, and even close friends or professionals. The main aim of family therapy is to promote understanding and support among family members. It can be useful when families are facing overwhelming emotions, uncertainty about their future, or repeating harmful behaviors. Family therapy can be beneficial in helping to navigate challenges together such as illness, mental health issues, job loss, moving, divorce, or grief and loss. Family therapy focuses on intimate relationships and how to change and develop new ways of relating to one another.

Couples therapy aims to create a stronger bond between you and your spouse/partner to resolve conflicts, identify harmful behaviors, and create a more positive and loving relationship. We support couples working through a variety of challenges, including but not limited to unresolved conflicts, feelings of disconnection, marital affairs, and more.

Our couples therapy / counseling offers a safe environment — whether in-person or virtually through telehealth — to resolve conflicts, share feelings, and work towards healthier relationships. A few benefits we see after routine counseling/therapy include: better communication skills, a closer relationship or bond, insight into your relationship and your partner's feelings, and improved relationship satisfaction.

Programs for Diverse Needs

In order to meet the broad range of mental health needs within our community, For All Seasons provides different programs tailored to specific populations, promoting health and resiliency across community sectors.

Trauma-certified For All Seasons clinicians work in select Mid-Shore public schools to provide therapy during the school day to children in need of mental health services.

Therapists are able to incorporate a variety of treatment methods to meet the individual needs of children and adolescents (just as they would for office visits). For All Seasons clinicians are currently placed in public schools throughout Kent, Queen Anne’s, and Talbot counties. Clinicians provide mental health assessments and treatment planning including group, family, and individual therapy. When necessary, evaluations and medication management are provided through our psychiatry team.

Through our school-based services, we offer:

· Confidential on-site therapeutic services with access to office-based psychiatrists in-person or through telehealth.

· A child-centered team approach including therapists, teachers, and administrators

· Parental/guardian involvement, including family therapy services

· Support with social skills & peer interactions

· Therapist attendance at IEP, 504 & other educational meetings

· A continuation of services through the summer

For All Seasons, Inc. has partnered with Chesapeake College to offer support and therapy for its students to navigate these life challenges and unexpected transitions via telehealth or in-person on the Wye Mills campus. Students at Chesapeake College can go to an appointment right on campus in between classes or sign on to a session on Zoom when they get home. Students can start services by walking in during one of For All Seasons Open Access times.

If you have questions about the Services with For All Seasons at Chesapeake College, reach out.


When tragedy hits in the community, For All Seasons will send clinicians to the location of the event in order to offer immediate, professional support. This can include crisis debriefings for events like a death in the community, individuals, or groups who have witnessed violence; frontline, first responders, or other workers who have witnessed a traumatic event; or other types of mental health support specific to the situation. Over the years, Mid-Shore schools and other organizations have relied on our agency to help their community navigate tragic situations on the day of or the days following traumatic events.

For more information about Community Trauma Debriefings, please reach out to us.


For All Seasons therapists represent a wide range of client-centered expertise. Our therapy team provides clients a variety of modalities or evidence-based therapies (EBTs) including the following:


For All Seasons offers therapy and psychiatric treatment for a wide range of mental and behavioral needs and disorders.* Some of the conditions that our clinicians treat are listed below. To ask about a specific mental health need, please reach out to our team at 410.822.1018.

Source: The definitions above come from the Mayo Clinic and The National Institutes of Health

The agency follows the diagnostic guidelines of the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) published and maintained by the American Psychiatric Association. Through the APA website , you can find additional information about various conditions and disorders.