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Trauma-Informed Schools

Trauma-Informed Schools

The For All Seasons clinical team began serving Mid Shore schools in a new capacity this spring by offering specialized training for teachers and administrative staff on the topic of Trauma-Informed Schools. Trauma impacts the lives of many students from all backgrounds and all grade levels. Research shows that two-thirds of children reported at least one traumatic event by the age of 16. 

Students impacted by trauma may display symptoms, including an inability to focus, poor social skills, depression, anxiety, and withdrawal. Effective support for someone who has experienced trauma means approaching children from the lens of, “What happened to you?” rather than, “What is wrong with you?”  This perspective helps to foster understanding and trust between the child and the adult.

Pictured left to right are: Mace’s Lane Assistant Principal, Mrs. Stephanie Brohawn; Katie Pittsinger, LCSW-C, Director of Education and Trauma-Informed Services at For All Seasons, Mr. Jymil Thompson, Principal of Mace’s Lane Middle School; and Lesa Lee, LCSW-C, For All Seasons Clinical Director.

Another key component of being a trauma-informed is ensuring support for school staff by increasing an understanding of self-care, reflective supervision for teachers, and developing support teachers need throughout their school day.  According to Director of Education and Trauma-Informed Services, Katie Pittsinger, “We need to keep in mind that many children impacted by trauma require help learning how to build relationships and address lagging skills associated with problem-solving and affect regulation. These skills will help them to counteract toxic stress and build resilience.”

Administrators and teachers from Queen Anne’s, Dorchester, and Talbot have participated in Trauma-Informed School training. In the coming months, the For All Seasons clinical team looks forward to providing training to additional schools across the Mid Shore. For more information about Trauma-Informed Trainings contact Katie Pittsinger (410) 822-1018 or