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Mental Health – One of Our Greatest Assets

Mental Health – One of Our Greatest Assets

For All Seasons is here for all the mental health changes we go through in our lives – across the age span – for all kinds of reasons. According to Mental Health America’s recent report, “2021 -The State of Mental Health in America,” the prevalence of mental illness among adults has been increasing, and there is still an unmet need for mental health treatment among youth and adults in our country.  You don’t need to be in crisis in order to need support. A number of indicators support this growing problem in the U.S.:

– The number of people screening with moderate to severe symptoms of depression and anxiety has continued to increase throughout 2020 and remains higher than rates prior 2020.

– More people are reporting frequent thoughts of suicide and self-harm than have ever been recorded in the MHA Screening program since its launch in 2014.

– While rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation are increasing for people of all races and ethnicities, Black or African American screeners have had the highest average percent change over time for anxiety and depression, while Native American or American Indian screeners have had the highest average percent change over time for suicidal ideation.

Mental health is one of our greatest assets. It helps us focus at work, overcome obstacles, get along with the people around us—and get well and stay well. Stress can lead to serious mental health problems, like depression and anxiety disorders, but there are proven tools that can help us feel stronger and more hopeful:

– Connect with others

– Stay physically active

– Help others

– Get enough sleep

– Be kind and compassionate to yourself

– Set boundaries

– Eat well

– Get professional help if you need it.

Unlike other physical and mental disabilities, depression and anxiety and other challenges may not always be readily visible with friends and family. Because we don’t know who might be suffering from a mental health issue, it is more important than ever to check in on one another regularly to ask the question: “How are you doing?” Have you checked in on people in your life this month?

To help boost the community’s mental health in May, For All Seasons sponsored a ” Spread Joy, Confetti Challenge.” Did you know that single acts of silliness and fun can boost your mental health? This month, a number of individuals, organizations, and businesses joined in the agency’s challenge to spread happiness and joy in the community. Check out For All Seasons Facebook and Instagram pages @forallseasonsinc to learn more.

To pick up a “Confetti Challenge” kit, visit Easton’s CommUNITY Day on May 15 at Idlewild Park in Easton or contact Denae Spiering at, 410.725.6479.

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