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For All Seasons Welcomes Patti Cannon and Lauren Weber to Its Leadership Team

For All Seasons Welcomes Patti Cannon and Lauren Weber to Its Leadership Team

With the recent growth of the agency’s services in meeting the growing mental health needs of the Mid-Shore, For All Seasons has expanded its leadership team – appointing Patti Cannon as the Chief Operating Officer and Lauren Kay Weber as Vice President of Philanthropy and Education.

“These two exceptional individuals are helping us address the growth in our organization. We are thrilled to have them both in place as we move our agency forward in delivering services on the Mid-Shore. They both bring strategic experience and leadership qualities which will enhance our administrative team, bringing depth to our organization,” comments CEO Beth Anne Langrell.

Patti Cannon of Cambridge has experience in customer relations, quality initiatives, and project management, providing proven results in process improvements, department and employee development to achieve strategic company goals. She previously worked at Sensata Technologies in Cambridge, formerly Airpax and Philips Technologies, where she gained a wealth of experience in customer service in manufacturing. She later took this production experience to the Whalen Company. In 2018, she joined For All Seasons to help set up the agency’s Electronic Medical Record through Credible and became the organization’s Data Analyst and subsequently its Chief Information Officer.

In her new role as Chief Operating Officer, Patti will be responsible for corporate compliance, data analysis, electronic health record, facilities management, and the agency’s billing department.

“For All Seasons is growing quickly, and it is very rewarding working with a nonprofit organization which is giving back to the community in such an important way,” she comments.

“There is always a challenge to address. A real tribute to the organization’s flexibility and agility was when we had to quickly shift to telehealth during the pandemic. The agency was poised to do that. The leadership and the board made it a seamless transition to continue to serve our mission to provide therapy, advocacy, education, and psychiatric care in a safe environment that nurtures wellness.”

One of Patti’s goals is to continue to enhance current policies and procedures that benefit the client, the agency, and the employee. She is helping to steer the organization in evaluating the data from its service delivery to achieve the net result of its mission – helping to improve the mental health status of the community.

“I think working with people who are behind the organization’s mission is so rewarding. For All Seasons employees give back to the community in so many ways,” Patti adds.

She has an M.B.A. from the University of Maryland and a Master Certificate in Project Management from Villanova University, a B.A. Degree in Business Administration with a Marketing minor from the University of Maryland and an A.A. Degree in Business Management from Chesapeake College, and holds several certifications.

Lauren Kay Weber of Centreville has had a career as a forward-leaning strategist with the ability to generate value through innovation, leadership, and diversification of revenue streams. She joined For All Seasons in early 2021 as Director of Programs and Curriculum Development to address a multi-pronged program that the agency was developing to improve the well-being of children on the Mid-Shore. She was previously Executive Director of Character Counts Mid Shore, Inc., Director of Philanthropy at Wye River Upper School, and President of the Granger Coalition for Equity in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she also had a consulting firm advising nonprofits.

“A lot of my life has been pointing to this agency and the role I will be filling at For All Seasons. Many threads have come together from my varied career experiences and job competencies, and it is very satisfying and confirming to be here,” she comments.

In her new role as Vice President of Philanthropy and Education, Lauren’s role is two-fold. She will lead the agency’s Center for Learning through strategic programmatic growth aimed at increasing community resilience, as well as deepening existing school and business partnerships. She will also guide For All Seasons’ fundraising program to ensure that the agency can continue to deliver on its founding promise to the community – to provide services to anyone who needs them, regardless of ability to pay. This will include overseeing the agency’s major gifts, monthly giving, planned giving, and corporate giving programs.

“The two components of my position are interrelated. For All Seasons’ Center for Learning has a significant role to play in helping our region to rebuild as we emerge from the pandemic. On the same token, I am eager to welcome supporters into the forward momentum of the agency’s proactive approach to meeting the community’s needs. I see this new leadership role as an amazing opportunity to develop innovative strategies toward the goal of preventing the escalation of mental health crises in our community,” Lauren comments.

Lauren is currently working on her M.B.A at York St. John University and has Post-Baccalaureate Studies from Brigham Young University. She has a B.A. in Communications Studies, with a minor in leadership studies, from American University and also holds several certifications.

“My job as CEO is to bring the best employees to our team so that their expertise can lead the agency to the next level,” adds Beth Anne Langrell. “Both of these women fit right in with our staff and will have a significant role in helping us manage the organization’s growth.”