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Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health & Recovery Program

A clinician provides mental health assessments and treatment within the Woman’s Detention Centers in Caroline and Dorchester counties. This clinician is also able to provide outpatient services to those individuals who would like to continue services after their release.

The purpose of the TAMAR program is to prevent recidivism and to work with women through a trauma lens to help individual’s use their wisdom to promote healing.

What Is the TAMAR Program?

TAMAR (Trauma, Addiction, Mental Health, and Recovery) is a trauma-focused program for women that has been implemented in select Maryland detention centers.

The TAMAR program aims to provide appropriate services to trauma victims and break the cycle of substance abuse, arrest, and incarceration. Participating women have been identified or self-identified as having a history of physical and/or sexual abuse and recent treatment history for a mental health condition as well as a drug use/abuse disorder.

Individuals eligible to participate are encouraged to voluntarily join the program with the knowledge that participation does not in itself reduce jail time. Program services are delivered by a licensed, Master’s level clinician who is responsible for providing bio-psycho-educational treatment in accordance with the TAMAR program manual.

TAMAR staff managers provide coordination of services while the woman is incarcerated, develop an aftercare plan with her, make community referrals, advocate for “mainstream” services, and establish communication for monitoring the receipt of treatment upon her reentry to the community.

– National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women