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Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

For All Seasons, Inc. provides a full continuum of outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents and adults. We are committed to assisting individuals to develop an understanding of self and instill hope, empowerment, and coping skills to enhance their quality of life.

New ClientsCounseling and PsychotherapyMedication ManagementSchool Based Mental Health ServicesRape Crisis CenterSexual Assault PreventionVictims of Crime Assistance24-Hour Hotline and AdvocacyVictim Services for Human TraffickingUrgent CareTAMARNeurofeedback
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Client Handbook – Spanish 

Offering mental health services including psychotherapy and psychiatric support for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale with many insurance programs accepted.


Maggie – SPANISH

Once you have seen an For All Seasons, Inc. therapist, one of our on-staff psychiatrists will meet with you regarding medication management.
Coordination and provision of school based mental health services in Kent and Dorchester Counties.


Crisis counseling, advocacy, case management and education for victims of rape, sexual assault and abuse as well as services for adults molested as children (AAMC) Culturally specific services for Latino victims.


Rachel – SPANISH 

Staff participate with organization and community groups to raise awareness about sexual assault, address the stigma associated with sexual victimization, change the patter of “blaming the victim” and shift traditional, stereotypical thinking regarding women.
A full array of mental health services for adult victims of sexual assault, and child victims of sexual assault or neglect.
24 Hour response and advocacy to victims of rape or sexual assault and other serious traumas, including Advocacy to local Emergency departments.
Addresses victim identification and services response for victims of trafficking for sex. For All Seasons, Inc. collaborates with local authorities to assess human trafficking problems and provide support and mental health treatment for human trafficking victims.

Human Trafficking

Urgent Care is a program that allows a diversion from acute inpatient hospital stays. Referrals from Eastern Shore Operations Center (ESOC); Mobile Crisis Teams (MTC); local physicians, hospitals, and other sources can get a patient in for a mental health crisis evaluation within 48 hours, and a psychiatric evaluation within 30 days. After a Licensed clinical assessment For All Seasons, Inc. will either refer the patient to an appropriate community resource (i.e., outpatient clinic) or absorb the patient for outpatient therapy.

No Matter What… You Matter

The TAMAR program reduces recidivism in keeping survivors of trauma (with accompanying mental health and addictive/compulsive disorders) out of the criminal justice system due to maladaptive coping mechanisms. This program gives women the tools needed for positive coping. TAMAR also educates people locally, regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally on the importance of Trauma-Informed care as it relates to each individual, work setting/climate, in creating a safe and trusting environment.
Neurofeedback is a non-invasive procedure which can reduce the effects of many emotional and physical conditions without medication. Neurofeedback can TRAIN THE BRAIN to better self-regulate and take care of itself.