Introducing Breaking Barriers for Athletes!

For All Seasons, Inc. is very happy to introduce Breaking Barriers for Athletes! Through this, K-12 children in Dorchester County are given financial assistance for registration, transportation, and supplies to participate in extracurricular athletic activities.

Why is a behavioral health agency interested in supporting student athletes?

There is a strong connection between sport participation and good behavioral health. Children who participate in sports have fewer disciplinary referrals, fewer school absences, and are less likely to get in trouble outside of school. And children who participate in extracurricular athletic activities have higher college acceptance rates. Sometimes the cost of these outside activities is too much for a family to bear, though:

“My grandmother would pay for me to play lacrosse and buy the equipment, but I know she would go without to do so… We have so little that she works so hard for, I hate to take any more.”

For All Seasons, Inc. already provides school-based mental health care, so we are able to hear the voices of children and teens like the student quoted above. It is because of these existing relationships with students that this need was first identified.

Christina Morris, LCSW-C of For All Seasons, Inc. dreamed up Breaking Barriers for Athletes when she met with a local teen who is active on her school’s track and field team. This student noticed a race medal hanging in Christina’s office and asked about the race it came from, saying that she would love to be able to participate in races outside of the school, but that costs are too high. In her words, “My mom has trouble keeping the lights on let alone paying for me to do a 5K.” The idea that a talented and enthusiastic student athlete was missing opportunities is heartbreaking, especially when you think about the many positive ways those opportunities could impact her life. Breaking Barriers for Athletes is here to help, started thanks to the grassroots fundraising efforts of our friends participating in the Across the Bay 10k this Sunday, November 8th.

If you are interested in supporting Breaking Barriers for Athletes, or would like more information on the application process (which is currently open to residents of Dorchester County), please contact Christina Morris, LCSW-C.

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