Tips for Emotional and Relationship Wellness 
for the New Year

By Lesa Lee, LCSW-C, Clinical Director, For All Seasons, Inc.

Life has taught me many things. One thing that I’ve learned is that I try to live a balanced life. Looking toward the new year, I am reminded as a mother, a professional, a daughter, and a wife that the coming days will be challenging at times. There may be days when I am overwhelmed. There might be days when I have tensions with my family and friends. There may be days when I replay the tapes of my childhood – questioning my own self-worth. There may be days when I feel like there is nothing going right in my life.

For me stress doesn’t show up as a thought or even a feeling. It’s when I get a stabbing pain in the back of my neck that I realize something is going on and that my life is out of balance. For a lot of my life, I just ignored this symptom and what it was saying about the imbalance that was occurring. Now, I listen to the symptoms and am more mindful of the physical and emotional changes in my body – understanding that it’s just a part of me that is stressed or overwhelmed. It is then that I ask myself, “What do I need?” Part of living a balanced life is recognizing when things are going well and when things aren’t going well. Trying to figure out how to dive into my own vulnerability and let people know that I need help is not always easy.

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